libsmbclient: Browsing and a URI spec?

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Thu Jan 4 17:13:52 GMT 2001

only on win9x can you do this.  On win NT, your domain and workgroup will be
the same.  Because on NT, you can already browse all workgroups via netbios
broadcasts, and if you are a member of a domain, you are authenticating in
the domain, and a participant/member of it's workgroup.
Although, what happens if you set the NT system to use say, workgroupA, then
at the login prompt, where you only get username/password fields, enter
domain/username, and password.... will this authenticate you... My guess is,
probably, so that blows that whole theory out of the water.... Has anyone
tried this?  If not, I will try it tonight, to see what happens.  I am
guessing, that in this mode, it will work just like a win9x client
configured for domain logins.

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> Yes but what if your domain is different from your workgroup 
> as is the case for me. 

domainname\username ? 

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