FW: IP-resolve issues.

Alexander Stohr AlexS at sonicblue.com
Wed Jan 3 23:56:23 GMT 2001

sorry your web page (DE-mirror) still mentioned the samba-bugs mail address,
but now i am forced to sent it to the tech "department"
dierectly. I must add, i am not subscirbed to that list.

I am using latest SuSE Linux (7.x)

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Alexander Stohr 
> Sent:	Thursday, January 04, 2001 00:35
> To:	'samba-bugs at samba.org'
> Subject:	IP-resolve issues.
> Hello there,
> when i do mount an smbshare by its IP number it does not work.
> This means, if the name is resolveable in my LAN network environment
> then i can get access to the server only by its name, its IP will not
> work at the SMB mount commandline.
> If the name is not resolveable by SMB mount then i cant mount by name
> (okay i can add servers ip/name pair to /etc/hosts file) and finally i
> cant
> access the server by its IP. I think this is a real lack in the interface.
> It even seems to me that samba is unable to handle IP resolves of long
> names, i.e. computers like "elviriabridge.mercuryin.es []"
> wont work when used as servername, but i think it could work pretty well.
> (Some person konwn a bit to me pointed out to me that something is odd 
> in this field. i then vested some time to find a commandline workaround
> for him.)
> Regards AlexS.

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