libsmbclient: Browsing and a URI spec?

Kevin Colby kevinc at
Tue Jan 2 19:06:30 GMT 2001

"Christopher R. Hertel" wrote:
> I agree with Armand's comments.  I'm confused by yours.


> How would Konqueror know what the default workgroup is?

It could keep this information in whatever storage structure it liked.
Presumably, it would keep it wherever it keeps default user information.

> If it sent a request to find the default workgroup, what service would
> respond?

What is "a request for the default workgroup"?  As I understand Armand's
suggestion, there would not be any URL that meant such.  "smb://" would
be the workgroup list ("Entire Network") only.

> For libsmbclient, we can easily move beyond that.  Each application could,
> in theory, be assigned a default workgroup.  The question is simply the
> mechanism for doing so.  In my last message I suggested an architecter,
> which is simply:  libsmbclient would first check for a global
> configuration file, then a user config file.  From that point on, the
> application could change any defaults, possibly as a result of reading
> its own config file.

Is a standard config file for libsmbclient neccessary?  desired?
I am not sure that different end applications would even want to share
such configuration information.  As has been pointed out, the type and
amount of information needed would be diffcult to manage library-wide,
and may not be the same from app to app on a given system anyway.

	- Kevin Colby
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