libsmbclient: Browsing and a URI spec?

Welsh, Armand armand.welsh at
Tue Jan 2 18:48:14 GMT 2001

I do like the [[~/.]|[/etc/]]smbcrc idea.  I also like the idea of being
able to set these parameters using Shell Variables as overrides.  Though any
security risks that may be impossed, I am not aware of.  

This would work nicely to unifying how all the different apps pull the

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-> Matthew,
-> Nice to meet you.  Thanks for your comments.
-> One note:
-> > I do not think that libsmbclient should mimic windows 
-> behavior of making
-> > default workgroup a system parameter -- especially since 
-> it is expected
-> > that libsmbclient will be used on multi-user (Unix-like) 
-> platforms.  At
-> > the least, it should be a user configurable parameter...  
-> The question I
-> > contemplate is whether default workgroup needs to be exposed via a
-> > standard text file at all.  Should it rather be a 
-> parameter (provided by
-> > the developer) to the library initialization API? 
-> I strongly agree that, particularly for the client library, 
-> the default 
-> workgroup should be viewed as a per-process parameter, 
-> though it may come 
-> from a per-user (or, lacking that, a global) config file.
-> Regarding the mechanism for reading these values: I am not a 
-> fan of the
-> smb.conf syntax, and I think that smb.conf allows for many 
-> options that
-> libsmbclient will not need.  I do think, however, that there 
-> should be a
-> standard format readable by libsmbclient.
-> My own hope is that many application developers will use 
-> this library to
-> build client applications.  I assume that some will want to 
-> use the config
-> files designed for their own apps, but others may not.  If a 
-> user can set
-> up a .smbcrc file, or somesuch, then libsmbclient can read 
-> values which 
-> the user considers 'global' to their needs.  An 
-> application's config file 
-> could then override those values.
-> From your message, I assume that KDE and it's offspring are 
-> likely to be
-> the first major users of libsmbclient, so you may be the 
-> ones to set the
-> standard syntax for such a config file.  If you have that in 
-> mind, I'd 
-> like to throw some ideas at you.
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