libsmbclient: Browsing and a URI spec?

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Mon Jan 1 21:48:08 GMT 2001

> >I think the smb:/// syntax would make sense for browsing the default 
> >workgroup.  Entering smb:// (two slashes) will be more 'natural' to 
> OK, but smb:/// looks like you want all the shares on the default server,
> although there is no such concept available.
> I guess I am happy to use smb:/// but worry that it may preclude something
> in the future.

A reasonable concern.  My other suggestion was that the application would 
simply start any browsing operation at the default workgroup level.  This 
is what the network neighborhood does.

Basically, then, the smb:/// syntax would not be used.  The default values
would simply be used as starting points.  Eg., when you open an
application that browses an smb network, the first thing presented would
be smb://workgroup/ where workgroup is the default as assigned in the
config file.  If no such default were specified, then the starting point 
would be smb://.

That's what I meant by the default being a problem.  It is a question of
how it should be used *if* it is present at all.  For a server, it is
important to have a workgroup/ntdomain in which services are offered. 

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