smbclient: change request: file mode display

Ralf.Strandell at Ralf.Strandell at
Fri Dec 21 02:12:06 GMT 2001


We are using Smbclient (from Samba 2.2.2) to automatically monitor the sizes
and ages of files. The file names contain spaces of course. Some files have
attributes set. 


  smb: Ö> dir *file*
    second file is called AR                    0  Fri Sep 15 12:37:54 2000
    file name with spaces             AR        0  Fri Sep 15 12:37:54 2000

	does the AR belong to the filename of "second file is called AR"
	or does it say that the attributes of "second file is called" are

	For me it's obvious, but for my scripts it isn't.

FIX:	Smbclient should use this notation: DAHR or -A-R for attributes.
	Could somebody please include this in a future version of Smbclient.
	It's important that the mode field is never empty (and does not
contain spaces)

Ralf Strandell
UNIX System Administrator
Silja Line, Finland

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