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Tue Dec 18 19:22:02 GMT 2001

Hi, I posted this message to the general Samba list as "Samba Gurus needed", but
thought perhaps I should post it here
also, as I feel it's an important issue for the development of Samba.  Hope I am
 not out of line.
I wanted to particularly bring this to the attention of the Samba development
team, but didn't know where to post.

please consider the idea of putting a link to the new forum on the
I would welcome your comments on this - even negative.   thank you


Hi - there are a few questions posted on the new  Samba forum
on Tek-Tips web site
which I am sure would be easily answered by some of the gurus on this list.

You may be asking - "Why don't they just post the questions on this list?"
Certainly, they could, but having used the Tek-Tips forum for other subjects
myself, I find it much easier to follow the thread of a question on the Tek-Tips
and I think this encourages people to offer an opinion or advice and to find
the answer to your question.

I hope people don't see this new Tek-Tips forum as competing with this list,
but rather as an additional tool for helping Samba users.

However, the new forum will need to be supported if it is to become useful.
So any generous Samba gurus, please check out the site and offer
some help if you can.  I know you are busy people, but it's a good site
and I think it will be good for Samba if it flourishes.

I was also wondering if it would be possible to put a link to the tek-tips forum
somewhere on the mailing lists site??

finally, could someone let me know if there is a more appropriate place
to post this message, or better still, pass it on for me

thanks everyone


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