Smbmount broken?

Vance Lankhaar vance at
Mon Dec 17 19:53:18 GMT 2001

On 17 December 2001 21:44, Urban Widmark wrote:
>On Mon, 17 Dec 2001, Vance Lankhaar wrote:
>> >Not sure I understand what you mean by disappear, but it is of course
>> >legal to mount something else on top and that hides the smbfs mount(s).
>> > Or does the mountpoint itself disappear? That could be a smbfs bug.
>> Yes, the mountpoint itself disappears.
>Ok, I'll have a look at both these problems.
>Could you please send the exact commands used? Is it something like:
># smbmount //student_server/users /mnt/temp/ -o username=vance
># ls /mnt
># mount -t vfat /dev/hdb6 /mnt/temp
># ls /mnt
>And do you get this with smbmount from both 2.2.2 and HEAD?
>Kernel version?

# smbmount //student_server/users /mnt/temp/ -o username=vance
# ls /mnt/tmp
4208   4209   4210   4211 
# smbmount //student_server/profiles /mnt/temp -o username=vance


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