Samba 3.0 alpha5 - winbindd is caching

Tim Potter tpot at
Wed Dec 12 14:39:03 GMT 2001

On Wed, Dec 12, 2001 at 10:04:41AM -0800, Mike Papper wrote:

> Also, noticed the fololowing: if I go intot he PDC and bring up the
> users-groups manager program and select any user and check the "must chnage
> password" box and then uncheck it and then close - the PDC must "update" its
> sequence number - because it will cause winbind to go over the network and
> get a whole new set of users and groups from the PDC.
> Is there any way to just get the updates from the PDC?

I don't think so.  The SAM sequence number applies to all properties of
the SAM so even changing login hours or something unrelated to the
information winbindd uses will cause a cache miss and refetch.


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