Samba 3.0 alpha5 - winbindd is caching

Mike Papper mike at
Wed Dec 12 10:26:13 GMT 2001

We have 15000 users and about 10 groups. Its now been running for about 20
hours and still going strong. Wont get to trying out tests that involve
severing network connections and brininging down the PDC etc. for a week at

Also, noticed the fololowing: if I go intot he PDC and bring up the
users-groups manager program and select any user and check the "must chnage
password" box and then uncheck it and then close - the PDC must "update" its
sequence number - because it will cause winbind to go over the network and
get a whole new set of users and groups from the PDC.

Is there any way to just get the updates from the PDC?

Mike Papper

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On Tue, Dec 11, 2001 at 05:56:35PM -0800, Mike Papper wrote:

> I got the alpha5 build, compiled, installed and ran some tests.
> caching correctly now - very good! Much much less network trtaffic and PDC
> load.
> Its (winbindd) been running for about 5 hours with "getent" being called
> every 30 seconds with no leaks so far.

Neat!  How many users and groups do you have on your PDC?


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