follow symlink, but not on del

Kervin Pierre kpierre at
Fri Dec 7 04:04:13 GMT 2001


I would like my samba install to follow symlinks on shares *but* not 
when deletion ( or more precisely unlink? ) is concerns.  In case of 
unlink, then only the link is deleted, not the file or folder it links to.

Is this currently possible?

The issue is that generally we use symlinks to place special folders in 
users homedirectories.  Therefore...
follow symlinks = yes
was enable.

A problem arised when the SGI IRIX boxes started putting a "Desktop" 
folder into the user's homedirectory when they log in.  The "Desktop" 
folder had a symlink to the users homedirectory, "Desktop/home" or 
something.  And if a user deleted that Desktop folder, which they did 
not ask for in the first place, then their entire homedirectory was 
deleted.  A few people lost their homedirectory that way.

That automatic creation of the Desktop folder can be configured away on 
the IRIX box but the fact remains that an application that makes that 
mistake can cost the user his/her homedirectory or other directory

I would like to configure my samba installation to act as how most UNIX 
platforms act.  That is, if a link is deleted, the resource that that 
link points to is *not* deleted but rather only the link itself is.

An additional option such as...
follow symlinks on delete = no
or similar

Is this possible?


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