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Hi Guys,
We've already done this internal to HP, in preparation for a CIFS/9000
version of Samba 2.2.2
to be released sometime in the future.  Let me get the diff's, etc, and post
them out on samba-technical.  Should
save you a bit of trouble.
Hope this helps,

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Michael Davidson wrote:
> it appears that the API used to manipulate ACLs is essentially
> the same as the one used on Solaris and UnixWare / Open UNIX
> both of which also use the Veritas journaling filesystem.
> So, adding support for HP-UX JFS 3.3 ACLs to the current
> Samba 2.2 release should be very simple and will only require
> minor adjustments to lib/sysacls.c, *except* for the fact that
> Samba currently needs to be able to manipulate ACLs using
> either the pathname of the file/directory *or* the file
> decriptor of an open file. acl(), which HP-UX appears to
> support, takes a pathname - both Solaris and UnixWare subsequently
> added an equivalent facl() system call which takes a file
> descriptor - but I don't see this mentioned on HP-UX. Perhaps
> it exists somewhere but isn't documented.
> If facl() or an equivalent function doesn't exist then more
> work will be needed.

Michael and Rainer,

Thanks for your attention.

I too noticed the similarities with the solaris/unixware interface and
the lack of facl().  I have looked all over and can't find it.  It isn't
documented anywhere and I can't find it in the #include file where acl()
is defined (or in any other include file.)  As far as I can tell, we're
going to have to only use the filename-based interface: acl().

Rainer: you're an hp guy- do you know if there are any operating system
updates that give us facl()?  I can't believe that HP would leave it out
in the first place.  HP gave us descriptor based acl manipulation for
HFS.  Surely there's something similar for JFS.

Assuming there's no facl(), is there any way to take a file descriptor
and get its filename?  If that's not possible, what are the chances of
making samba give us only filenames?  I guess that would mean adding
#ifdef HPUX_HAS_NO_FACL or something similar around all uses of the file
descriptor based interface.  That's pretty ugly.

Help, help, what should I do?

-Dave R.

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