SAMBA dropping connections

Ansel Grogan anselgrogan at
Thu Aug 30 23:13:43 GMT 2001

I am having a problem with losing my connections to my mapped drive on a
RedHat7 LINUX box under WIN2K.

The connection seems to drop unexpectedly.

At first I thought it was related to the screen saver, or powersave feature
(BIOS) of the hardware, but it only appeared so.

I later set up a test by copying a large file set from one mapped drive to
another from a WIN2K workstation.

I watched the SWAT stats and realized that SAMBA had not stopped, it
appeared that the WIN2K worstation had dropped the connection, and then
attempted to reconnect, but was refused the connection because SAMBA
considered it still connected.

I decided, after reviewing the on-line info to set the keepalive global
variable to zero (keepalive = 0).

If the problem was a WIN2K problem then this setting would have had no

But it seems that it did have an effect.

The large file set that would not previous complete a copy from one mapped
drive to another, completed without error.

What I don't get is WHY?    

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