pam_smbpass linking on Solaris 7

Justin Akehurst akehurst at
Thu Aug 30 22:55:35 GMT 2001


I'm trying to compile Samba 2.2.1a on Solaris 7 sparc, using GNU gcc and
Solaris ld.

When it gets to trying to link bin/pam_smbpass, it fails because of the
-symbolic switch passed to ld.  Replacing this switch with -B symbolic or
-Bsymbolic does not seem to work either.  Has this part of code been
hardcoded to work only with GNU ld?  Any workarounds for Solaris at this
time?  Should the configure script figure out which ld the system has and
adjust accordingly?

Error follows:

Linking shared library bin/
ld -G -symbolic -o bin/ pam_smbpass/pam_smb_auth.po
pam_smbpass/pam_smb_passwd.po pam_smbpass/pam_smb_acct.po
pam_smbpass/support.po lib/debug.po lib/util_sid.po lib/messages.po
lib/util_str.po lib/wins_srv.po lib/substitute.po lib/select.po
lib/util.po nsswitch/wb_client.po nsswitch/wb_common.po lib/system.po
lib/charset.po lib/util_file.po lib/kanji.po lib/genrand.po
lib/username.po lib/charcnv.po lib/time.po lib/md4.po lib/util_unistr.po
lib/signal.po lib/talloc.po lib/ms_fnmatch.po lib/util_sock.po
lib/doscalls.po lib/smbrun.po lib/util_sec.po ubiqx/ubi_sLinkList.po
libsmb/smbencrypt.po libsmb/smbdes.po param/loadparm.po param/params.po
tdb/tdb.po tdb/spinlock.po tdb/tdbutil.po  passdb/passdb.po
passdb/smbpassfile.po passdb/smbpass.po passdb/secrets.po
passdb/pass_check.po passdb/ldap.po passdb/nispass.po
passdb/smbpasschange.po passdb/tdbpass.po passdb/pampass.po -lpam -lsec
-lgen -lsocket -lnsl  -ldl -lpam -lc
/usr/ccs/bin/ld: illegal option -- y

Please post reply to the list and to myself.


-Justin Akehurst
 akehurst-dn at

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