Permission problem with Excel 2000/Samba2.2.2-pre

Martin Thomas mthomas at
Wed Aug 22 22:31:48 GMT 2001


First: the described problem only occured with the latest 2.2.2-pre cvs (date below)
I downgraded to the official 2.2.1a.tar.gz and the error disappeared.
So I hope this is the right mailing list and I don't bother you with 'end-user-problems'

The problem I have is described in the MS Knowledge base article Q214032
XL2000: "Your Changes Could Not Be Saved" Error While Saving to Network Drive

Scenario here:
- Server Linux 2.4.5 over Suse 6.3 samba 2.2.2 cvs checkout
  around 22th Aug. 2001 21:00 GMT as PDC
- Clients Windows 2000 sp1 and sp2, Excel 2000 SR-1 (german versions)

1. open Excel-file from network-share
2. press 'save' --> everything ok
3. press 'save' again --> fails (error as described in the KB text)

smbstatus shows the file as "readwrite" before first saving and as
"rdonly" after fist saving.

The MS artice says that the user needs rights to delete and to modify
on the network share. Since I have the right do delete and rename
files (can do it from the windows explorer) it seems that there is 
no problem with the configuration. As already mentioned: it works
with 2.2.1a on the same machine and with the same smb.conf

If someone is interested in solving this I can send logs
via personal e-mail and can do some testing with the 
environment here.


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