Windows 2000 - MS word updates slow to samba

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Tue Aug 21 12:29:43 GMT 2001

Mike Fitzpatrick wrote:
> The MS Word document is NFS mounted from a Sun Server onto the Sun
> running Samba.

	Erk: this can be a contributor to latency; try
	copying one of the files to a local disk and 
	see if the problem goes away or is significantly

> When I truss on the smbd process during the user key-strokes, it appears
> the client is retrieving several portions of the file because I see repeating
> send, poll, read, read, llseek, read system calls.  These system calls repeat
> numerous times.

	Hmmn: try truss -D -v read,llseek,send,poll
	where -D adds timestamps, and the -v option
	makes it verbose about the calls listed.

> Has anyone experienced this problem and do you have any suggestions
> to correct it?  

	I use a nfs->smb scheme at work, and see something
	like a 60% performance hit.

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