Windows 2000 - MS word updates slow to samba

Mike Fitzpatrick Michael_S_Fitzpatrick at
Tue Aug 21 00:01:36 GMT 2001

We have some Windows 2000 clients connecting to our Samba server.
When they try to update a table in a MS Word document, each character
update can take several seconds (15-45 seconds), depending upon the
size of the document.  One of the MS Word docs we have is 500 K and
it can take about 10 seconds to enter 1 character into the table (or even
delete a character from the table).

We have tried Samba 2.0.7 and 2.2.0 both running on a Solaris 8 system.
The MS Word document is NFS mounted from a Sun Server onto the Sun
running Samba.

We do not have the slow down when updating the file with Windows NT 4.0
or Windows NT Terminal Server.

When I truss on the smbd process during the user key-strokes, it appears
the client is retrieving several portions of the file because I see repeating
send, poll, read, read, llseek, read system calls.  These system calls repeat
numerous times.

Has anyone experienced this problem and do you have any suggestions
to correct it?  Could there be some configuration change we can do on
the Windows 2000 client?

Thanks, Michael Fitzpatrick

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