wins failover not working + patch

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Fri Aug 17 19:09:33 GMT 2001


There is a reason I never finished this.  It's not set up to work yet. 
Not at all.  The code is all there but I need to sit down with Jeremy next
week and work out some UNICAST_SUBNET issues. 

There is, within nmbd, something called the UNICAST_SUBNET.  I need to run
through the code with some other folks on the team to ensure that the
UNICAST_SUBNET is not impacted by failover, or that it is properly updated
if it would be impacted.  I did not write that bit and, to be honest, I'm 
not clear on how it works.  It's part of the mechanism that distributes 
packets to the correct queues when they arrive.

Anyway, I can go over this with the Team at the CIFS conference next 
week.  It may be very simple (and I may be paranoid for nothing) but I 
prefer not to mess with code unless I'm clear about how it works.

> I discover that the wins failover did not work. I check the code, and in
> the function resolve_wins, it only try one wins server from the list.
> Here is a prelimary patch of source/libsmb/namequery.c that try every wins
> until it found one that is good.

The code, as written, already does that.  I just need to change two 
function calls.  See lib/wins_srv.c:wins_srv_ip()

> I also found that wins_srv_ip, don't work so great. It mark down a wins
> only in the same process, every process will need to mark down the defect
> wins. It would be great to store the wins server list in a tdb maybe??

Yes, that would be a problem, but a minor one.  The fact that we can 
failover at all will be an advantage.  Keeping a list of two or three 
WINS servers in a tdb is likely to be overkill.

> If someone could check it and include it in the cvs tree, it would be
> great.

Thanks for your effort, but there's just that little bit more that needs 
to be done.

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