Using the "nis" scripts to add users in Samba

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Thu Aug 16 15:11:33 GMT 2001

Gerald Carter wrote:
>	 Do you think storing smbpasswd in nis+ is a often
> used option?  I had already told Deborah this, but she seems to
> continue to want to use it.

	It's quite reasonable to want to store password hashes in
	ldap, nis, nis+, and any other unix distributed passwd/
	system-data databases.

	However, the option is a bit of a misnomer: --with-nisplus
	arhiably means "use nis+ for passwd-like databases", which
	is arguably unnecessary or minimally necessary (with a
	mechanmism like /etc/nsswitch.conf!) so you might want
	--with-nisplus-smbpasswd addd, to mean "use nis+ to store 
	samba's hashes database", which could default to off.

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