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TAKAHASHI Motonobu monyo at
Tue Aug 14 14:36:19 GMT 2001

Rafal Szczesniak wrote:
>Here are patches for selecting international man pages.

I've checked them.

>This code assumes that current man pages are in
>docs/manpages/en directory instead of docs/manpages
>directly. The same applies to installed files
>(man/ -> man/en/).

The default manpages should be stored in /usr/man/{man1,man3,...}.
So, replaced "en" to ".", you can install manpages in default location
of Samba archive(docs/manpages/*) to the default location of system
manpages (i.e. /usr/man).

>Existing shortcomings of this implementation:
> 1) List of available languages is not generated
>    automatically i.e. by probing docs/manpages/ contents


> 2) Language specifiers (given by user) are not validated.

It is better to check specified source directory
(i.e. docs/manpages/ja) does not exists, I think.

>It's been tested using man -L <locale> <manpage>. Didn't
>properly configure system locale, yet.

It works.

>feedbacks are, of course, welcome

- comma delimiter (--with-manpages-langs="ja,en") does not work but
  space delimiter works.

- This is important. For future i18n expansion, storing resource like
  manpages/{en,ja, ... } is not good. In my experience storing 
  ja/{manpages,htmldocs, ...}, pl/{manpages, htmldocs, ...}
  ./{manpages, htmldocs} is better.

  In the latter way we can separate resources of each language version

  Of course it's a design matter. Your way also works well.

|-ALL_LINGUAS="en ja"
|+ALL_LINGUAS="en ja pl"

This change is concerned with gettext(), has nothing to do with
installing manpages. please make source/po/pl.po to work the change:-)

And I think syncronizing ALL_LINGUAS and installing manpage is better.

The following patch is to modify as I said.

---        Tue Aug 14 23:28:25 2001
+++    Tue Aug 14 23:14:45 2001
@@ -2081,10 +2081,10 @@
 [ case "$withval" in
     AC_MSG_WARN(--with-manpages-langs called without argument - will
use default)
-    manlangs="en"
+    manlangs="."
-    manlangs="$withval"
+    manlangs=". $withval"
@@ -2092,7 +2092,7 @@
   manlangs=${manlangs//,/ }  
-  [manlangs="en"
+  [manlangs="."

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