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Sat Aug 11 21:18:13 GMT 2001

On Sun, 12 Aug 2001, TAKAHASHI Motonobu wrote:

> Rafal Szczesniak wrote:
> >I assume the whole SWAT is concerned as translated to native
> >language.
> Please look at the following page:-)

As soon as I'm "hardwired" = tomorrow. I'm connected on the
modem, now :)

> >
> >If it's about size, I guess we can afford for [ng]roff man
> >pages in various language in single samba-x.x.x.tar.gz
> >package because gziped man pages are about three times
> >smaller that left untouched.
> In Japanese the size of translation documents under textdocs,
> manpages, yodldocs and htmldocs(except Using Samba) is about 500KB in
> tar+gz form.
> and the size of Using Samba translation is 1.2MB in tar+gz form.

I thought about various native man pages ([ng]roff
format) ONLY. Nothing more in the basic tarball. No "Using
Samba", no html docs. These are to put into separate native

> >What about DocBook sources ? Native versions could be in
> >native packages ( Ordinary users
> >don't usually need DocBook sources, eitherway.
> Yes, as I said
> >   2) we only determine the final output format (may be
> >     html/man/txt/SWAT only?) and directory structure because there is
> >     no tools adapted for all languages.
> I think only documents of final output format is needed to make an
> archive.
> >I'm currently working on this. Should I wait a while, yet?
> At first please look at source/scripts/install*.sh in Samba Japanese
> Edition. But it is not yet refined.
> Basically we can work at the same time.

OK. I got the samba japanese edition and therefore I'll
analyse what you've pointed.

> Sorry for my poor English,

Mine is worse I think ;-) Especially if we could meet face
to face (maybe someday :-) ) ...


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