quotas and small files

Jeremy Allison jeremy at valinux.com
Sat Aug 4 23:55:42 GMT 2001

"DICKENS,CARY (HP-Loveland,ex2)" wrote:
> Jeremy,
> I've gone through the vfs_allocate_file_space and stepped through gdb as
> well as added debug statements.  According to both methods errno is 0.
> I tried setting the errno to EDQUOT and ENOSPC with no change in behavior.
> When I try to copy a 60k or greater file the errno is set to EDQUOT.
> Let me know what you think comes next.  Personally, I'm baffled.

You're not telling me enough about what you saw in the gdb session.

Well what does the "write" call return ? Does it return
less than was asked for ? If not, then errno should be
zero. If it did return less than was asked for then errno
should be set to *something*.

If you set errno to EDQUOT or ENOSPC then the SMBwrite call
should return the ERRHRD,ERRdiskfull pair to the client. Do
you see that ? Can I get an ssh onto the box so I can do the
debugging when you send the write ? That would nail it.

If not, it's looking like I may need to enable quotas after all


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