questions reg browse list sync across subnets

Surya Koneru surya_koneru at
Fri Aug 3 15:50:25 GMT 2001

If there is no DMB for the workgroup that LMB belongs to, does the browse
list sync work across subnets ?

Related to the above question, is there a DMB elected like LMB ?  If not, it
seems the browse list sync can never work if a machine is not marked as DMB.

Is it required that there be a DMB per workgroup for browse list sync to
work across subnets ?

Does the LMB sync with workgroup<1b> where workgroup is the LMB's workgroup
to initiate browse list sync ?

 Or does it contact all the DMB's of all workgroups in the WINS ?

There is no AXFR type request in the WINS, so how does the LMB know about
all the DMB's  (*<1b>) in a WINS  ?


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