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Steven French sfrench at us.ibm.com
Fri Aug 3 16:34:19 GMT 2001

I still have to write a somewhat more useable test driver utility to call
these functions, and not being a qt expert it will probably end up being a
text oriented utility.  I also want to add about five more RAP calls and
test more against Win2K etc. servers (and I have not written the Samba
server, i.e. lanman.c, side of these RPCs yet but this could probably be
done in two stages).   It is slow going and tedious to verify each of the
parameter description strings two different ways.   My main point was to
see if anyone was in the process of modifying clirap.c and lanman.c so I
didn't needlessly duplicate work in progress.

> Steven French wrote:
>> By the way I have been coding quite a few more RAP RPC calls, some of
>> may be useful for this type of module (like an easier to use routine
>> locates the domain controller that you would want to authenticate with).
>> The intent was not to provide an authentication module (winbind already
>> does that) but to provide some cross-platform SMB server management code
>> for smbclient (or a similar utility).

>    Care to submit these patches ? :-).

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