removing false oplocks

hugo hugo at
Fri Aug 3 02:46:38 GMT 2001


I am using samba 2.2 and I had to stop samba (with a script that uses
kill -15) and restart it. However, I found that several false oplocks
were left behind (during the restart not all people logged out of their
applications on windows machines that were using files on the unix nfs

I could find no way to remove these false oplocks at all under samba
2.2.  The samba locks directory contains database files (extension .tdb)
and I could not find a way of getting the false oplocks out of them. 

The only way I could get rid of the false oplocks was for everybody to
logout, the restart samba once more. 

Surely there must be a better way than that to remove stale (false)
oplocks in samba 2.2? 

Does anyone know how to do this? 

Your help will be greatly appreciated. 


Dr Hugo Bouckaert
R&D Support Engineer, Fractal Graphics 
39 Fairway, Nedlands Western Australia 6009
Tel: +618 9386 7917
Email:hugo at

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