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Jim McDonough jmcd at us.ibm.com
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Jeremy Allison wrote:
>    Care to submit these patches ? :-).

Steve will submit these patches pretty soon.  We're just doing some testing


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Jeremy Allison <jeremy at valinux.com>@lists.samba.org on 08/02/2001 06:05:10

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Steven French wrote:
> By the way I have been coding quite a few more RAP RPC calls, some of
> may be useful for this type of module (like an easier to use routine that
> locates the domain controller that you would want to authenticate with).
> The intent was not to provide an authentication module (winbind already
> does that) but to provide some cross-platform SMB server management code
> for smbclient (or a similar utility).


     Care to submit these patches ? :-).


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