Password encryption in 2.2.0

Michael B. Allen mballen at
Sat Apr 28 07:18:18 GMT 2001

On Sat, Apr 28, 2001 at 02:56:55PM +0900, Richard Sharpe wrote:
> >auth for jcifs. The CIFS docs read:
> >
> >2.10.1 Pre NT LM 0.12
> >
> >o P14 is a 14 byte string containing the user's password in clear text,
> >upper cased, padded with spaces.
> >
> >... wtih spaces?!
> Oh yes ... Have a look at ntcrack ... Because of the space padding, the
> case folding, and the fact that the up-to-14-char password is split into
> two 7-char keys, LM hashes can be relatively easily broken ...
> Although, I was under the impression that they were padded with NULL, just
> like the P21 ...

It *is* padded with NULL. I'm pretty sure it's a mistake in the spec. Same
for the SNIA version too. I guess I should send them a little note.


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