Samba and NT security

MCCALL,DON (HP-USA,ex1) don_mccall at
Thu Apr 26 03:21:07 GMT 2001

Hi Steve,
It's possible.  In security= server mode, samba pretty much attempts a login
on your user behalf on the nt domain controller.  If for some reason this is
failing, then if you have a domain lockout policy that locks an account out
after x number of bad login attempts, you could see this.
Need to set your log level up a bit, and make sure that this is not
happening - perhaps some of your users are actually getting access as guest
because of a bad login attempt, or a fallback authentication via the local
smbpasswd file, so they are not noticing the problem...
Hope this helps,

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I was wondering if there was any issue with Samba and NT security.

We are experiencing problems with NT accounts being lockout.  We are using 
samba to connect to share drives on HPUX unix box.  Security set in the
file is to "server" and passwd authentication is on the NT side.  


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