filesize limit

Urban Widmark urban at
Wed Apr 25 00:21:30 GMT 2001

On Tue, 24 Apr 2001, Chad wrote:

> What is the filesize limit of samba?  I have some 3+ gig files to transfer,
> but samba Version 2.0.6 can not handle them.  I was testing with v 2.4.2 of
> linux using rh 6.2.

Please ask non-development questions on samba at (technical really
isn't a good name ... not that samba-development would be any better).

I don't know if RH6.2 has a good enough C library version. On linux, samba
2.2.0 compiled with glibc 2.2.x on a 2.4.x kernel does support large

Upgrade samba & glibc (perhaps it is easier to upgrade to the latest 
RH but you can build your own glibc from source - if you have the time 


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