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Rafal Szczesniak mimir at aw.com.pl
Fri Apr 20 07:37:16 GMT 2001

Informations in

might be a good start point.


> "Yaco Barria F." wrote:
> We recently outsourced our tech support to another company and I need
> to
> create a way for them to access our database.
> Then billing software we use pulls its information from an access
> database.
> The location of this database is set in an ini file.  On our local
> network,
> this was no problem, I simply mapped a drive from the server with the
> database to the machine running the program and set the ini file to
> look to
> the mapped drive.
> Now I need to do this across the internet.  Is there a way to map a
> drive
> over the internet? If no any other suggestions on doing this.  I
> cannot set
> up an ODBC data source, since the program does not work this way.
> Thanks everyone!
> Yaco

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