2.2.0-CVS : too many open files

Michael Glauche mg at connection-net.de
Wed Apr 18 11:55:23 GMT 2001

--On Dienstag, 17. April 2001 10:02 -0400 John Trostel 
<jtrostel at connex.com> wrote:

> So, I assume you got the acl stuff to work and you tested it
> independantly of Samba with the "chacl" function?  The acl stuff (in XFS)
> doesn't use files so the leak is not likely there. However..... the quota
> stuff, yes, XFS uses the quota utilities from

the low level acl functions work fine, no problem with chacl. But when i 
permissions in a BIG directory in NT, i can reproduce the error.
The same machine runs perfectly fine with 2.0.7. (same xfs filesystem)

> They are NOT included in the XFS package from SGI and need to be
> downloaded seperately (and then added in).  I wonder if this is where the
> file errors were from (or maybe you just really had too many open files
> ;->)
> For the quota tools, see
> quota-3.01-pre3.tar.gz (oh.... now it's -pre4.tar.gz)e s
> ate

yes, i did install the sgi-provided quota tools, they also work from the
command line, but not within samba. (i.e. i still get the whole disk-space)

my guess was that samba usues some wrong library calls or something like 


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