i have no /etc/smbpasswd file???

Steffen Moser moser at egu.schule.ulm.de
Wed Apr 18 11:44:06 GMT 2001


Hanz S Yoro wrote:

> I,ve just installed slackware7.1 with the samba 
> package. However, i tried looking for the smbpasswd 
> file which is usually in the /etc directory, but i 
> was not able to find it. How do i create the smbpasswd 
> file manually?

I think as soon as you execute the binary "smbpasswd" (with option "-a"
to create a new account in the "smbpasswd"-File) it will be created... 

You should also set "encrypt passwords = yes" in your "smb.conf" to
enable the usage of encrypted passwords (which are stored in the


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