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Sun Apr 15 03:12:27 GMT 2001


At 07:35 PM 4/14/01 -0700, Ray Van Dolson wrote:
>I've seen some references to libsmbclient on this list.  I'm wanting to
>start programming using such a library if it exists--I have the latest CVS
>of 3.0 on my system and see a libsmb directory.  However, building the
>sources doesn't seem to generate any .so files.  Any tips or beta
>documentation on building and using this library?  (All I really need is
>the header file--don't even see that).

There should be a client/testsmbc target in the Makefile that will build
the library for you and will also build the testsmbc program.

There is also a client/tree.c, but there is no target at present.

Once you get those built, move include/libsmbclient.h to an include
directory near you, and move bin/ to your favo[u]rite
location and you should be ready ...


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