SMB URL Internet Draft (oh my)

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Tue Apr 10 19:52:06 GMT 2001

In an effort to be trendy and cool, I have gone ahead and submitted a draft
specification for the SMB URL to the IETF.  This alone is enough to get me
committed to the crazy house.

Having never submitted a draft to the IETF, I have no idea what will
happen next.  In any case, the purpose of submitting the draft to the IETF
is to stimulate discussion.  I have been working with a small ad-hoc
working group and I think I have the document to the point where I can
show it in public.

There are a few items of business still outstanding with regard to this
specification.  In particular:

- Mike Allen presented an alternate syntax.  I think that this deserves
  more than just my review.  It was posted on the samba-tech list and
  should be cross-posted to the jCIFS list.

- I would like folks to consider the idea of adding support for
  smb://*/  or smb://*[.scope]/  to the specification so that broadcast
  name queries to the wildcard address can be sent.

There is a copy of the document at:

I would like to restrict discussions of this draft to one mailing list.  
For now, I would like to use the jcifs at list because Mike is in
the process of implementing full support of this URL form in jCIFS.  It is
also a quieter list than the samba-tech list and, with 2.2 on the move, I
think it would be best not to add anything extra to samba-tech.

I may try to get a separate list set up, if there is any discussion volume
regarding this draft.

Looking forward to hearing from folks.

Chris -)-----

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