Packet collision on Samba traffic

okuyamak at okuyamak at
Fri Apr 6 14:23:21 GMT 2001

Dear Richard,

>>>>> "RS" == Richard Sharpe <sharpe at> writes:
RS> Hmmm, what NICs does this happen for?

I already sold the card, but it was cheep ($19.95) PCMCIA ethernet card.
# Well, at least it was cheep 4 years ago.

RS> I used FTP to get an 8MB file ... Windows advertised an 8760 window, and
RS> Linux filled the window with consequitive 1460 byte segments, back to back.

I think you're using RICH NIC on Windows side.
Your NIC must be having 8760 ( or bigger ) bytes of buffer inside NIC chip.

But, in some very cheep Ethernet chip, they only have 1000( not even
1024.. unbeleavable )bytes buffer inside.

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