Winbind nss module woes

ZINKEVICIUS,MATT (HP-Loveland,ex1) matt_zinkevicius at
Fri Apr 6 01:32:08 GMT 2001

> A change was made recently to smbd that hasn't been made to
> winbindd (it was a string length which affects the protocol
> between libnss_winbind and the winbind daemon).

> I think it should be a matter of changing a constant in winbind
> and recompiling but there are some merging issues to worry
> about...

Any chance you can get more specific? Was it the FSTRING_LEN
constant? If so can we just change it to be the same as samba
(256)? We need to fix this very quickly and are stumped! Could
you expand on "merging issues"

BTW, when do you guys think winbind will be incorporated into
samba 2.2?


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