Packet collision on Samba traffic

Simo Sorce simo.sorce at
Thu Apr 5 06:18:46 GMT 2001

A switch + full duplex nics would avoid collisions,
anyway collisions are normal (under a certain rate) with hubs (that are
topologically identical to an old coaxial cable).
Data are generally not lost as when a collision is detected a jamming
sequence stop both the nics that are trasmitting and they schedule for
retransmission of the whole packet.
The side effect is that an overloaded hub (too many machine or too many
transfers needed) would slow down the network considerably and this is the
reason for the switches exist (they are not an unique domain of

Hope this helps.


On Mon, 2 Apr 2001, Nathaniel Pendleton wrote:

> I have packets colliding between a Samba server
> and Win98 client.  The hub sender/receiver lights blink simultaneously
> and the red collision lights as well.
> With Samba-NT4sp6 traffic sender/receiver flash alternately, and no
> collision.
> Solutions anyone?
> Is data being lost or damaged?
> Would a switch solve this?... I doubt it
> PS. Someone advised me to set my win98 client's nic to half-duplex.
> The nic (Intel 10/100 Pro) choked at boot.
> They also said a switch could fix this.
> -Nathaniel

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