WINS Failover [Was: TODO list]

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Fri Sep 29 15:14:09 GMT 2000

> ok.  Thanks for the update.  Has the new functionality / 
> parameters been documented yet?  If you need help with
> any parts of it, just yell. :-)

Oooh.  Good point.

No, it hasn't been documented.  It's there but the last few nails aren't
pounded in so I didn't want to document it just yet.

Basically, the only change will be this:  The WINS SERVER parameter may
now take a *comma separated* list of DNS names or IP addresses.  The first
WINS server in the list will be used until a failure is detected (the
remote system fails to respond after three retries).  If failure is
detected then the second is used, and so on until the list is used up and
we start over at the beginning. 

I fixed a few small problems while doing this.  They may rate a mention in
the WhatsNew.

- We now do not retry a query if the WINS server responded with an error
  indicating that it simply doesn't have an answer.  Previously, we would
  retry the query (possibly waiting for the timeout...I can't remember).  
- We now cache the IP address of any WINS server that was listed by DNS
  name.  Previously we did a lookup every freaking time.

So, if a volunteer would be willing to add these notes (holding off on the
WINS Failover discussion until it's actually *in*) that would be great! 

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