2.2 split has taken place.

Marc Jacobsen Marc_Jacobsen at hp.com
Thu Sep 21 17:05:00 GMT 2000


The ACL support submitted to the Samba team that Jeremy is integrating is
modular, as Jeremy has stated, and similar to what you have proposed.  When
submitted there were modules for translating NT ACL data to UNIX filesystem
permissions, and for translating NT ACL data to Veritas VxFS 3.3 POSIX ACLs on

If POSIX ACLs are exactly the same on all UNIXes (which I doubt) that module
could be used basically as is by all UNIXes.  If there are differences, people
will have to take the HPUX-POSIX ACL module, make the changes to get it to work
with their POSIX ACL implementation, and thus create a new module for that
UNIX/ACL variant.

All the ACL modules can be used at once, or in any combination, on a per-share
basis.  Each module is basically just a source file where a few functions must
be defined to implement the ACL translations and some checking.

I hope this answers your questions.
Marc Jacobsen

anders at cwd.no wrote:
> Another issue is the acl on systems like afs.
> What if samba had an acl-handeling mechanism which used WinNT acls,
> but they where created / read using functions for each type acl. i.e. we could
> have
> posix_acl_* for general support, afs_acl_* for the afs, etc. I think this
> could make life
> easier for people porting samba to other platforms as well.
> This would mean that afs_acl_* would read the afs_acl_'s and then map them
> into the
> corresponding NT acls.
> --Anders

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