FW: [PATCH] mkdir.cc - mkdir_p() (was: Samba install problems)

Andrej Borsenkow Andrej.Borsenkow at mow.siemens.ru
Thu Sep 14 07:03:45 GMT 2000

Browsing samba-technical, I remeber the problem with creating directory with
missing directories in path. I.e. mkdir -p //samba/foo/bar/com fails if
``bar'' does not exists. I hit it when installing off SAMBA share (2.0.7)

Here it seems that one nice person analysed the problem. May be, it helps. The
mentioned patch is for Cygwin setup.exe problem, not for SAMBA.



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> Subject: [PATCH] mkdir.cc - mkdir_p() (was: Samba install problems)
> Samba 2.0.6+ seems to return ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND when a directory in the
> path handed to CreateDirectory() is not found; earlier versions of Samba
> seem to follow the Windows convention of returning ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND for
> missing directories.
> I sent the patch directly to DJ, and I believe he has reviewed it; this post
> is merely an announcement to those that may have been following the Samba
> installation problems thread.
> Harold

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