unaligned trap errors on alpha

profmakx.fmp at gmx.de profmakx.fmp at gmx.de
Thu Sep 14 10:13:28 GMT 2000

Hi all!1

This is my first post to this list so please dont nuke me :-)

Ive got a little problem with my alpha-smb-server under suse linux 6.4. I 
downloaded the sources for samba to compile the newest version with 
support for domain-logons ( for the win98 machines on my network ).
The read performance is O.K, but when it comes to writing performance 
drops ( no it isnt there anymore ). Whenever this happens, I get 
"unaligned trap errors". I know that it is a programming issue as alpha 
as other RISC CPUs can only access aligned data ... If additional 
information is needed I can provide it.

Cheers Markus

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