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(The subject being YODL)
>Matthew Geddes wrote:
>> It really isn't that hard. If you've ever used 

>I agree is not is hard to figure out.  It's just not 
>used anywhere else that I'm aware.  I've run across one
>Does anyone else feel that this is a valid point?

OK, I  grabbed a copy of YODL yesterday, yes, its very easy to learn.
Trivial in fact. But its also pretty limited too. In my case I'm writing a
HowTo and maybe a FAQ, its most inappropriate to make it a man page so the
only thing my yodl document is ever likely to be translated to is html.
There can be no doubt that I could make a much nicer looking document
writing directly in html but its certainly easier in yodl and yodl does
force a uniform style.

I note that YODL does not appear to have been changed since 1997, I had to
fiddle with the code to get it to compile so we should wonder if its a
continuing project. 

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