Viewing Debug (SWAT - wishlist)

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Tue Oct 10 16:58:30 GMT 2000

If you dig 'round in the Samba sources you'll find some code for parsing
DEBUG logs, and some docs as well.  I redid the log syntax a while back
with the goal of making the logs parse-able.  There is a file called
debug2html.c that will read the logs and output clean HTML. 

Problem is, some folks didn't like all of the timestamp and other info
that I added to the DEBUG logs.  The parser, unfortunately, was designed
to use that information.  The idea was that you'd be able to choose a time
range, a debug level, etc. and only view the bits you wanted to see. 
Without the per-entry header information you can't do that.  So, to use 
the parser as-is you'd need to have the DEBUG Headers turned on.

Note that the parser only deals with existing logs.  If you dynamically 
up the debug level then you still have to wait to see new log entries. any case, the code is there for anyone who has time to make it do 
something useful.

Chris -)-----

> Excellent idea.  How about getting it to scroll the debug onto
> the swat screen.  I currently do a tail -f log.file.
> You could then increase the amount of debug dynamically, when
> trying to track down problems.

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