Constant stat and seek calls.

Ron Alexander rcalex at
Tue Oct 10 16:05:47 GMT 2000

Can anyone tell me why the fileio.c/read_file routine does a seek_file?

0. samba 2.0.7
1. Stratus VOS has a file type called sequential. It is Length+Data+Length
(an old COBOL format?)
2. It is the default file type. Our customers have a HUGE investment in
these files. We are supporting them as read-only.
3. Our BETA site refuses to install samba without the sequential support
that I have had to cripple for now.
4. The stat and seek operations are done by reading the file! VERY bad
5. The problem is exacerbated by the constant stating and seeking for no
apparent reason.

I am thinking of commenting out the stat and seek calls to see what happens.

Ron Alexander

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