SWAT - wishlist

Mike Brodbelt m.brodbelt at acu.ac.uk
Tue Oct 10 13:48:16 GMT 2000

Gerald Carter wrote:

> You can always uses ssh and loca port forwarding or see
> the HOWTO at
>         http://us4.samba.org/samba/docs/swat_ssl.html
> Not that I don't agree that adding the possibility to
> include native https support in SWAT would be great.
> It would need to be a compile time option probably.

That was my point - there are a number of quite workable ways around it,
as this thread has pointed out. I'd just like to see it in there as a
default, rather than as something the SysAdmin needs to go the extra
mile for. There must be lots of people out there slinging the root p/w
across the net in clear, because they don't know the risks, or how to
work around them, or something else. I like the OpenBSD approach for
that reason - "Secure by default" seems to me to be a desireable state
to attain.

My 2c worth,


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