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Kai Blin k.blin at gmx.net
Tue Oct 10 12:06:35 GMT 2000

Sitting at the campfire, Matthew Geddes told:
> I looked at it once, but I won't have the time for that at the moment. I
> do, however, think that it should have some massive changes made. It's
> all well and good to have a GUI, but when it's just as easy (more so,
> given the documentation in the example file) to edit smb.conf by hand, I
> think there are problems. 

right. I had my first look into swat yesterday, and I have been using samba
for a while... :)

> I think a number of "Sane Defaults" should be
> assumed. Anyone who wants to get into the more technical stuff
> *obviously* knows (or thinks they knows ;-)) what they are doing. If
> done correctly, it could take some pressure off getting the User Damager
> stuff....

Hmm, that's like this Basic Options vs. Advanced options, isn't it?

> My 2 cents worth,
And my 5 cents (Euro) worth (basically the same, but Euro sucks right now :)

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