Urgent Fix/Problem With Printing

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at qsl.net
Sat Oct 7 22:35:14 GMT 2000

> I am the developer of the LPRng print spooler - and also do
> print spooling systems in general.  I was made aware of the following
> issue with Samba -
> There is clearly a problem if this is the general technique.
> Now,  I understand why a file would be put into the
> spooling 'hold directory' with such a name,  as it would
> make looking for user jobs simpler.  But there is clearly
> a problem here.
> I hate to admit this,  but I am baffled at a good solution.
> The following have come to mind:
> a)  Use the 'magic id' of previous releases.
>     Negative:  difficult/impossible for users to identify their
>     jobs.
> b)  Add a 'majic cookie' to the end of the file name to
>     make it uniq.  This is easy to do if it is the printer queue
>     name.
>     Negative: longer job name.

Observation of a Windows NT printserver shows that two files are created for
each print job with unique names.  One file contains the print job, and the
other contains the print information.

I do not know if this will help with SAMBA.

Would having per user spool sub directories make sense?

wb8tyw at qsl.network

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