Filesystem question

Brad Sahr bsahr at
Thu Oct 5 17:57:04 GMT 2000

Yes, Win2k Explorer tries to open up desktop.ini in every directory it
browses. I wasn't able to turn this feature off.

This could be a smb.conf option to fail open/stat for some list of files.
This could speed up some applications that attempt to load .DLL files when
they open up a file. The open()s on the .dll files are attempted in the
current directory (Samba share) prior to finding them elsewhere.

This could easily be a VFS feature as well.


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> > > Experience with the Samba VFS feature has revealed that
> > simply moving your
> > > mouse over a filename within MS explorer causes SMB (and
> > resulting disk)
> > > activity. The file is being stat'd and open'd multiple times.
> >
> > I've also noticed that simply browsing a directory in explorer
> > causes just about every file in the directory to be opened to
> > look for an icon to display.  Not very nice when you have files
> > stored on tape.  )-:
> >
> > Some sort of fencepost or icon caching system perhaps would be nice.
> I belive it will search for htm/.ini files for that folder as well.
> No matter your tried turn all html crap off.
> This matter for Win98/ME/2k, or maybe all Inet Explorer system.
> May we address this in Samba ?

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