Samba suggestion. (.smbaccess)

Ries van Twisk ries at
Thu Oct 5 08:37:55 GMT 2000

Hi Guy's,
> You can configure "access list" in your smb.conf.
> Use SWAT, and have a closer look at the docs.
Yaaa I do already use it and it just works great! (almost 2 years now 
without a problem)

> Useing your filesystem to set rights is also an option.
Thrue I already use that to, again no problems here. For example I 
set home directory's permission to 0700 so users cannot do the 
'\\server\otherusername' trick.

But If .smbaccess is implemented you can set access restrictions 
on a 'per directory base' or even change locking semantics on a per 
directory base. I do understand maintaining this files might be a 
problems so one must be a bit conservative using these files but it 
would extend the flexibility of samba a lot. 
Also I don't know if it's difficult to implement this or not. It just a 
thought..... (that's where thoughts are for :-)  )


Note: I'm only using samba at so I don't read samba-
technical. Please CC to me.

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