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Gerald Carter gcarter at
Wed Oct 4 04:11:15 GMT 2000

Neil Hoggarth wrote:
> > What we really need is more people to be working 
> > on patches. :-) :-)
> I wouldn't presume to claim to be a suitable person 
> to vet what does and doesn't make it into the main 
> source tree. However, I am on record[1] as having offered 
> to do first line filtering of submissions: rejecting
> stuff which is not a patch, encouraging people who 
> submit the wrong type of diff (or who try and submit a patch 
> for a generated file rather than its source) to 
> try again, binning the spam, etc.

I'm not sure how to handle this right now.  It really 
requires someone with write access to the CVS tree.  
Trying to filter via someone without this access 
would be duplicated effort I think.

Besides other team members helping out on patch submissions,
I'm not sure there is a good solution.  And it takes a lot
of background knowledge in some situations to understand
whether or not the patch in any good.

> [1]

So I have an admission in writing now, huh? ;)

Cheers, jerry
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